DAO Motivation letter

Hello 👋!

Please excuse my approach. Expressing my motivation by text or in web forms is clearly not one of my skills and I recently had issues sharing my motivation during some Web3/DAO applications. This doc is a countermeasure of my weakness to improve the chance to express myself efficiently. TBH, my dream DAO would be an IntrovertDAO that can also work with people like me without requiring an extended communication effort.

⚡️ TL;DR

  • I’m building web3 since 2018 with Berty. And projects since 2008.
  • I’m organizing web3 events since 2019 with Paris P2P.
  • I’m an introvert and prefer to be reviewed on what I do (not on the lack of exclamation marks at the end of each line I write). 🙏
  • I love the OSS spirit, every kind of collaboration in general, and proud to try co-building the future with web3.

👋 ASL?


French 🥐,

30ish y old 🧔‍♂️,

Father of 2 👧,

OSS addict 🧑‍💻,

Musician 🎧 and stupid-things maker 🤦‍♂️,

🚀 Project Highlights

🐦 Berty — berty.tech

I founded Berty in 2018 as an NGO with a team of ~15.

We are now building a sister-DAO for the NGO to lose control of the project and make it unstoppable.

🚕 Wulo — wulo.fr

I founded Wulo in 2016 as an NGO with a team of ~10.

My goal was to create a non-profit cooperative alternative to Uber.

We launched our solution, but we failed to gain the trust of the drivers and the platform was too small to provide a reliable service (1000 drivers, but not enough connected at the same time).

Closed in 2018, one week before starting Berty 😛

💼 Consulting Services — PMG

I provide consulting services for startups, groups, and investors.

  • Tech/org due diligence and audit
  • Startup Advisory / Board
  • CEO/CTO coaching

📚 Education

More details → LinkedIn

⚒️ Maker

I code and do stuff publicly every single day for 7+ years:

I love the open-source philosophy, even outside of pure coding.

I love experimentations, I love collaborations, I love imagining new stuff and PoCing them.

I love building small things every day and creating bigger ones by gluing everything together.

Okay, I admit I’m an OSS addict, but that’s probably the only drug I depend on.

Additionally to coding solo and communicating through issues and PRs with my contributors and users of my projects, I try to create communities and onboard new people on my projects as soon as I can.

🫂 Communities

I create or participate in communities for a long time.

  • 2008-2011 → I founded and lead the security laboratory of my school, hired 10 assistants, and took responsibility for everything CyberSec for the whole school during the last 4 years of my scholarship. This experience may look non-significative, but most of my professional projects and most important colleagues right now come directly or indirectly from this first community.
  • 2010-2013 → I co-founded various companies with friends and discovered what it is to have a higher responsibility. I also helped managed while42 which was the biggest community of French tech people in the world.
  • 2012-2016 → I joined Iliad, a French telco group, and started an internal new project (entrepreneurship) named Scaleway, I hired the 15 first employees, set up all the foundations and now the company is one of the European cloud-provider leaders and has 350+ employees.
  • 2016-2018 → Wulo, first solo-founder entrepreneurship project where I learned that I’m very bad at creating communities for people that are not tech :)
  • 2018-NOW → Berty, personal revenge against the Wulo failure by coming back to the roots with a tech project for tech people.
  • 2019-NOW → Co-Founder of Paris P2P and France P2P → Web3 meetup focused on all the topics that are often on the side due to the Blockchain noisy ecosystem; focus on P2P, Crypto”graphy”, IRL Blockchain Patterns, etc.
  • 2010-NOW → providing consulting services for startups, often seen as the one helping to go to the next level, and very happy to have this opportunity to explore 50+ companies and communities from the inside.

🕸 Web3

  • 2012-2018 → skin in the game with successes and failures (early mining in 2010, stolen wallet, etc)
  • 2018-2021 → building Berty with a focus on NOT depending on any blockchain, but actually doing something very similar in a lot of aspects (P2P, Cryptography). Created Paris P2P meetups.
  • Advisor of SkillZ, a French blockchain infrastructure company with amazing people <3

  • 2021-NOW → switching main focus on WEB3 (pro & life)
  • Current favorite ecosystem: Cosmos (Juno, Secret Network, Osmosis).

    Building a DAO for Berty.

    Exploring Web3, crypto, dApps as a maker and ecosystem collaborator (Learn & Share).

    Plan to join existing ecosystems, creating ones and opening the one I’m already involved in.

🗺 Plan for the future

  • Web3 Focus
  • Collaborate on other people’s projects
  • Invite others to collaborate on mine
  • Join existing ecosystems
  • Open more my own ecosystems
  • Hackathons
  • A lot of experiments

💪 Contributions

Tbh, I’ve too many projects in parallel to be able to engage on specific topics at the genesis of our relationship.


When I’ve free time to think about things, I use it first for my own projects, but I always keep some free space in my mind for the communities and people I interact with; and I’m also very responsive to people asking me stuff directly.

Here is what happens in general:

  • I make bridges depending on the context: when working on other stuff, I regularly have triggers that make me think about an active project, and I often bridge some ideas, stuff, people just because they are related.
  • I engage in specific tasks: if the DAO needs me on something and someone ping me or if I see the list of needs on the Discord, a newsletter, or any alerting system, I can commit to working on a task.
  • I’m here in case of urgency: if someone pings me and need me I always try to help directly or by giving suggestion on how to get rid of the issue.

Less general but still highly probable:

  • Knowing the active projects and goals of a community can influence the roadmap of my other projects by trying to bridge the projects, i.e.; if a DAO plan does to something that can be related to Berty, I can plan that the Berty team will work on something and collaborate with the DAO.

🏁 Conclusion

Thank you for reading! 🙏

Please, do not take it personally, but some people are naturally good at expressing emotions with just words, I don’t.

I’m naturally better at making, making, making, and making again; then to presenting what I did :)

All the best ❤️

Manfred, moul.eth